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10 Reasons Why Invoice Factoring Can Grow Your Business

Often a company’s quickest method to grow to the next level is by obtaining a contract larger than any previous ones it has performed or […]

Types of Companies That Use Factoring

Many types of companies can benefit from the use of invoice factoring. As long as a company is doing business to business or business to […]

Economics of Invoice Factoring

How do you justify the expense of invoice factoring?
Invoice factoring is an excellent tool to fund the growth of your business for short to medium […]

The Uniform Commercial Code

In factoring, the credit decision is focused on the accounts receivable of a company because it is the collateral in the transaction. Factoring is governed by […]

Purchase Order Funding

Purchase Order Funding (also called PO Funding and Purchase Order Finance) is widely used by companies sourcing finished goods when their supplier requires payment before […]

Selective vs. Comprehensive Factoring

Not every factoring solution is the right fit for every company.  Say for instance you’re a landscaper and most of your work takes place in […]

Payroll Funding With Invoice Factoring

A service oriented company’s primary expense is payroll and expenses related to this, such as insurance and worker’s compensation. This is the case for most […]

Factoring with Existing Loans for Business Growth

In many cases a company has a bank loan or line of credit but the amount is not enough to fund new opportunities for the […]

Financing for IT Companies with Contracts

A major expense for IT companies is personnel.  Many small businesses don’t have sufficient working capital to cover the payroll or contractor expenses. These expenses […]

Financing for the Startup of a Contract

A constant concern is how to finance the mobilization of a contract before the first invoice. Invoice factoring is the purchase of invoices for completed transactions, […]