Contract Financing

Economics of Invoice Factoring

How do you justify the expense of invoice factoring?
Invoice factoring is an excellent tool to fund the growth of your business for short to medium […]

Purchase Order Funding

Purchase Order Funding (also called PO Funding and Purchase Order Finance) is widely used by companies sourcing finished goods when their supplier requires payment before […]

Financing for the Startup of a Contract

A constant concern is how to finance the mobilization of a contract before the first invoice. Invoice factoring is┬áthe purchase of invoices for completed transactions, […]

Assignment of Claims Act and Federal Contracts

In support of the build up for World War II, the U.S. federal government put into place a set of rules in 1940 to assist […]

Invoice Factoring and Your Contract

In the current economy, businesses are looking for growth by pursuing lucrative government contracts. An essential part of winning and executing a government contract is […]