Factoring Basics

Types of Companies That Use Factoring

Many types of companies can benefit from the use of invoice factoring. As long as a company is doing business to business or business to […]

The Uniform Commercial Code

In factoring, the credit decision is focused on the accounts receivable of a company because it is the collateral in the transaction. Factoring is governed by […]

Selective vs. Comprehensive Factoring

Not every factoring solution is the right fit for every company.  Say for instance you’re a landscaper and most of your work takes place in […]

What is Invoice Factoring?

Factoring is the selling of invoices at a discount and is based on business to business or business to government transactions. It is used as […]

Steps in Invoice Factoring

Factoring may seem confusing for those that haven’t tried it before.  When do I let my customer know? Do funds go straight to my account?  […]