Factoring Basics

Types of Companies That Use Factoring

Many types of companies can benefit from the use of invoice factoring. As long as a company is doing business to business or business to government (federal, state, county, city) […]

The Uniform Commercial Code

In factoring, the credit decision is focused on the accounts receivable of a company because it is the collateral in the transaction. Factoring is governed by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), […]

Selective vs. Comprehensive Factoring

Not every factoring solution is the right fit for every company.  Say for instance you’re a landscaper and most of your work takes place in the summer time.  Would you […]

What is Invoice Factoring?

Factoring is the selling of invoices at a discount and is based on business to business or business to government transactions. It is used as a financing solution to increase […]

Steps in Invoice Factoring

Factoring may seem confusing for those that haven’t tried it before.  When do I let my customer know? Do funds go straight to my account?  When do the advances happen? […]

Contract Financing

Economics of Invoice Factoring

How do you justify the expense of invoice factoring?
Invoice factoring is an excellent tool to fund the growth of your business for short to medium time frames if the economics […]

Purchase Order Funding

Purchase Order Funding (also called PO Funding and Purchase Order Finance) is widely used by companies sourcing finished goods when their supplier requires payment before shipment. PO Funding can be […]

Financing for the Startup of a Contract

A constant concern is how to finance the mobilization of a contract before the first invoice. Invoice factoring is the purchase of invoices for completed transactions, but funds are often needed […]

Assignment of Claims Act and Federal Contracts

In support of the build up for World War II, the U.S. federal government put into place a set of rules in 1940 to assist in the financing of government […]

Invoice Factoring and Your Contract

In the current economy, businesses are looking for growth by pursuing lucrative government contracts. An essential part of winning and executing a government contract is how you will provide contract […]

Financing Growth

10 Reasons Why Invoice Factoring Can Grow Your Business

Often a company’s quickest method to grow to the next level is by obtaining a contract larger than any previous ones it has performed or completed. This method is desirable […]

Factoring with Existing Loans for Business Growth

In many cases a company has a bank loan or line of credit but the amount is not enough to fund new opportunities for the company. When the bank is […]

An Opportunity for Small Business Growth

Remember, nothing is more costly than a lost opportunity!
Have you ever seen a great growth opportunity for your business, but had to pass it up because you were unable to finance […]

Industry Specific

Payroll Funding With Invoice Factoring

A service oriented company’s primary expense is payroll and expenses related to this, such as insurance and worker’s compensation. This is the case for most staffing companies as well other service […]

Financing for IT Companies with Contracts

A major expense for IT companies is personnel.  Many small businesses don’t have sufficient working capital to cover the payroll or contractor expenses. These expenses are due typically weekly or […]

Snow Removal and Factoring

Companies can get very creative with ways they use invoice factoring. One particular landscaping company we work with provides snow plowing services during the winter months. They obtain contracts with […]

New York Times’ Article On Lending Alternatives

A recent article in the New York Times titled: “When Banks Won’t Lend, There are Alternatives…”, by Ian Mount states that “The days of yesteryear when you could go to your […]